Oscar Predictions: Phase Three

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The last shoe to drop in my mission to attempt to successfully predict the winners of this year’s Oscars was the Dallas Buyers Club. The tug and pull of Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto’s performances hung heavy over the past two phases of the mission. Both dudes won Golden Globes and are perceived as favorites come Oscar time. Oddly enough, the movie itself is not.

But before getting into Dallas Buyers Club any further, I wanted to give some love to Inside Llewyn Davis, which I watched this weekend. The movie was shut out of every major category- including the music categories, which would be crazy for any Coen Brothers’ movie, but especially this one. And I’m not even a big fan of folk music, but I loved the music in Inside Llewyn Davis, especially the main song- “Fare Thee Well.” The version the film’s star Oscar Issac plays at the end is damn-near heart breaking. And while talking about Issac- any other year and homeboy gets nominated for Best Actor. This year the competition was just too stiff and he was another odd man out (he can hang out with Tom and talk about Peyton Manning’s legacy.) Pretty much every Coen Brothers’ movie is some form of character study, but this one seemed to be more focused than others have been. It is truly the story of Llewyn Davis- a snap shot of his life in the early sixties in New York City. Issac carries the movie. He has too. The movie depends on it. Of course the movie, like all Coen Brothers’ movies, are decorated with colorful and interesting characters, but it’s Issac’s Davis that sticks with you the most. If the Best Actor category was expanded to 10 actors instead of five, he’d be there.

However, the movie itself, Inside Llewyn Davis, was properly left off the Best Picture ballot. A good movie, but not a great movie. I kind of feel like it wasn’t complete enough to be considered for Best Picture. It’s a movie about the middle of things and sticks to that by not really having a definitive beginning or end. Likewise, the Coen Brothers not getting a nod for Best Director was justified, if only because the field was too strong. Just like with Issac, if the category was expanded, they’d be in. I do want to point out that I really liked how they let the musical performances in the film breathe. They didn’t just show snippets, they showed full songs. I liked that.

Back to Dallas Buyers Club

Giddy Up America’s Oscar Predictions: Phase Three
Best Picture

Dallas Buyers Club is really good. I feel any stones you could throw at would be rooted in nitpicking. I’d put it in the I Wouldn’t Be Mad If It Won category, right there with The Wolf of Wall Street. It all comes down to 12 Years a Slave, though, and that the further I get from it, the more convinced I am that it should win.

Best Actor

Man. Man oh man. Matthew McConaughey flat out rocked- was amazing, flippin’ amazing in Dallas Buyers Club. The energy, the passion, the look in his eyes. I feel like we want our Best Actors to be the best bus driver out there and McConaughey was clearly that. Props to Chiwetel Ejiofor (totally spelled that correctly from memory, by the way) and Leo, but this award belongs to McConaughey. Now I wouldn’t be that upset if either one of those two dudes won over McConaughey. But I really don’t think they should. No way. It’s the McConaughssaince, y’all.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

I don’t feel as strongly about this one as I do Best Actor, if only because I can’t shake Michael Fassbender’s maniacal performance in 12 Years a Slave. But I will say that Jared Leto was really, really effin’ good in Dallas Buyers Club. He went for it with this role- that whole immersion thing you hear actors and actresses talk about. He had this movement to his body all throughout the movie that I found fascinating; that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. He was essentially a perfect supporting actor in Dallas Buyers Club. I think he’ll win. And I’m totally cool with that.

Stay tuned for phase four of Giddy Up America’s mission to predict this year’s Oscar winners.

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