F for Effort…and That’s the Point

ap803852527445-e1391607497322The Red Hot Chili Peppers played during Half Time of this year’s Super Bowl.

That statement is true.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers created music from their instruments during Half Time of this year’s Super Bowl.

That statement is not true.

Well…for the most part.

In what should really be a shock to no one, the only thing “live” about the Chili Peppers’ announced pop-in during Bruno Mars’ set Sunday night were the vocals coming from lead singer Anthony Kiedis. Everyone else in the band- Flea, Chad Smith, New Guitar Player, were all essentially rock ‘n roll mimes, playing along to a prerecorded version of their hit, “Give It Away.” Basically if you were to give Flea a broom instead of his bass, he’d be no different than me when I’m cleaning out the garage- no shirt and all.

This is not outrageous.

This is not egregious.

This is really not even worth talking about.

Since people started playing the Half Time show, they’ve done so to prerecorded tracks of their music. Something about the echoes, something about the crowd noise, something about the potential for profanities and the NFL is not cool with live performances at their biggest event of the year. Singers lip-synch and instrumentalist do whatever is the equivalent of lip-synch. We all know it’s coming, yet for some reason, we all get upset when it happens. It’s like if we know we’re going to have posterior bathroom issues and a pounding a head ache after a long night of drinking, yet are still pissed when it happens. We can’t pissed! You can’t be mad about something happening when you know it’s going to happen.

So now it’s public knowledge that the Chili Peppers were faking it Sunday night.

Who cares?

I don’t. And you shouldn’t either.

It’d actually be more surprising if they weren’t faking it.

Come on people. Use your hate and disgust for something more constructive. Direct it towards something worth getting fired up about. Like Chris Christie. That’s worth getting fired up about. Or Juan Pablo’s douche baggery on this week’s The Bachelor. Also worth getting fired up about. Shawn White bailing from Slope Style. Sure, why the hell not. But a band faking it at the Half Time show of the Super Bowl is not worth getting fired up about.

Yeah, it’d be cooler if they were actually playing. But no more crippling snow storms would be pretty cool too. Sometimes cool is overrated.

If we’re going to get upset about anything, let’s get upset about the lack of effort put forth by the Chili Peppers when it came to faking it. Dudes, at least plug in. Give us that much. There’s a difference between knowing you’re being lied to, but lied to discreetly and being lied to without an ounce of digression. A lie really isn’t a lie if you believe it. If the Peppers had just plugged in, we could have believed the lie. But they didn’t and as a result, we’re pissed, we’re disgusted, we’re prompting bass players to write lengthy apologies instead of just being a bass player.

I get why they didn’t plug in, but I don’t agree with it. I actually think it’s kind of lazy and stupid. We should be talking about how good the performance was, not the absence of cables coming from guitars (and it should be noted that Mars’ band was playing to a prerecorded track as well.) The Chili Peppers can’t say out of one side of their mouths how important the show was and then out of the other side, basically say it was not important enough to care 100%.

Life is led amongst the details. The Chili Peppers ditched the details and are paying the price.

I can forgive them for faking it.

I can. I already have.

But I can’t forgive them for not faking it like professionals.



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