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Let’s Talk About ‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer

The first trailer for the summer blockbuster dropped Wednesday morning and spoiler, it looks pretty sweet

Emmy Predictions by Committee

Previewing the 2014 Emmy Awards and letting the Head, the Heart and the Gut make some picks

Letting the Head and the Heart Choose

Anyone can predict who will win the Oscars. I'm picking who I want to win- or more specifically, who my head wants and who my heart wants.

Rust Never Sleeps

While you were watching the Olympics, True Detective became the best show on television.

Let’s Not Talk About the Snow

Let's talk about something other than the snow- like the Olympics, True Detective and the new Band of Horses' album

Oscar Predictions: Phase Three

Too many Oscar-nominated movies just came out, so it’s going to take a little bit to make an informed prediction on who will win. Here’s phase three of Giddy Up America’s quest to make Oscar predictions- the Viva la McConaughassaince phase.

Today in Thanks YouTube: Human Giant & Will Arnett

Today in Thanks YouTube...the Will Arnett Sex Tape sketch from MTV's short-lived sketch comedy show, Human Giant