Today in Thanks YouTube: Human Giant & Will Arnett

Today in Thanks YouTube…the Will Arnett Sex Tape sketch from MTV’s short-lived sketch comedy show, Human Giant

21_humangiantRight out of the gate, I will admit that I never watched any Human Giant episodes.

All I knew about the show was that it was A) sketch comedy B) on MTV and C) included Aziz Ansari. This weekend my buddy Brad enlightened me by showing me this clip…

I’m not sure what I love most about this clip.

Is it the fact that the premise is Aziz wearing a Mary Kate Olsen mask to get into a club and then having a wild night of passion with Will Arnett?

Or is that while wearing the mask, everyone totally believes Aziz is Mary Kate?

Maybe it’s the presence of Arnett, who drops lines like “all this talk about abortion is making me super wet,” drives a Hummer with a Prius shell that “gets even worse gas mileage!” and travels with a sex machine that he reassures Aziz/Mary Kate is “a portable model” with a fist modeled after Matthew McConaughey’s.

Actually, I think it’s all three of those things.

This has potential Human Giant YouTube wormhole written all over it.

Photos: MTV

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