Category: Current Events

Stoppage Time Before Game Time

While waiting for Thursday's World Cup game between the US and Germany, here's some other things to think about

The On Notice List

A list of who and what is currently On Notice- i.e. dangerously close to getting kicked to the curb

Let’s Not Talk About the Snow

Let's talk about something other than the snow- like the Olympics, True Detective and the new Band of Horses' album

Heidi Klum, Roy Halladay, Bonnie & Clyde Walk Into a Bar

Some things to think about on a snowy Tuesday- things like Gronk, Roy Halladay, Vance Joy, Bonnie & Clyde and Elijah Ocean

For Your Ears, For Your Mind

It's Tuesday. Here's something to listen to and something to think about.

Looking the Other Way

In the midst of a rough Fantasy Football week, here's ten other things to think about

And the MVP of the Summer of 2013 is…

Who is Giddy Up America's Most Valuable Player of the Summer of 2013?

Justin Timberlake and the Rest…

Four thoughts on this year's MTV Video Music Award (only one of which involves Miley Cyrus.)

Who is the MVP of the Summer of 2013?

As summer comes to an end, we're looking at some possible contenders for summer's Most Valuable Player