For Your Ears, For Your Mind

new york times coverIt’s Tuesday. For the rest of the day.

Tuesday, complete with sniffles, high winds and sour attitudes & feelings thanks to last night’s football game.

Not much else to report.

So here’s something to listen to…

“Us vs Other People” a new song by Rustic Overtones off of their upcoming album Let’s Start a Cult, Part 2. The album is a sequel of sorts to their last album, Let’s Start a Cult. Not sure what to make of this song, but I know it sounds more interesting than most of what was on Let’s Start a Cult. The band had previously released another song off of the new album, “Martyrs,” featuring Eric Krasno of Soulive and Lettuce. Rustic seems a little more mature and subdued- less “Combustible” and more Paul Simon. Rest easy, the title of elder statesmen of the Portland, Maine music scene seems to be firmly in hand.

And now, here’s something to think about…

What if along, all this time, as we lived our lives and made our decisions based on the knowledge that Friday the 13th was the unluckiest day of all- a day to be avoided because plans would likely go askew and danger would run rampant; what if all along, we were wrong?

What if Friday the 13th wasn’t unlucky?

What if Thursday the 13th was?

It may sound crazy. Sure.

But does it sound any crazier than Friday the 13th being unlucky?

Think about it. It’s not as if the reasons for why Friday the 13th has the rep it does are so stone cold lock solid.

You’re welcome.

Top Photo: New York Times






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