Kick Out the Jams: The Spencer Albee Edition

Let’s see. There have been numerous versions of Spencer Albee kicking around the music scene in sunny Portland, Maine.

There was Spencer Albee, keyboardist for Rustic Overtones and then there was Spencer Albee of Rocktopus and then As Fast As. Then there was Spencer back in Rustic and then there was Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia, as well as some Beatles’ nights and organizing Clash of the Titans nights in Portland clubs. For a hot minute there was Spencer in Space Versus Speed or Speed Versus Space or something involving the word sound- I don’t really know. Walt from 6Gig was in it, but the band was short lived.

Now apparently there is just Spencer and he’s working on a solo disc, which I think features this song…

It’s a lot to keep track of. But that’s where Soundcloud comes in and a Soundcloud set, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times, put together by the man himself.

Follow Spencer’s adventures on Twitter. Regardless what band he’s in or what the name is, if Spencer is involved then the music will be pretty damn good. That’s a fact. And science. And a scientific fact.

Photos: Not sure, I used the Google. But I’m pretty sure one was by Spencer.

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