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When The Local Record Store Closes Its Doors

A local record store in downtown Portland, Maine once meant so much to me, and upon hearing that it was closing, the floodgates of memories opened up

The Fire Ceremony

A true story about fears, fire, and memories

This is the Craziest Thing I’ve Read in a While

A Maine woman fought off a rabid raccoon, but that's just part of the story

The Mallett Brothers Band Drinking Companion: 2017 edition

Giving the Maine's band new album 'The Falling of the Pine' a suitable drinking companion

The Boys of Maine to the Rescue

The Ghost of Paul Revere holler folk a history lesson with "Ballad of the 20th Maine"

You Know What’s Awesome…

...these things are, which is fun to think about during non-awesome times

Driving Song or Campfire Song?

A review of the new Mallet Brothers Band album and a song by song guide via the Situational Listening Companion

The Show Must Go On

A review of the new album by Rustic Overtones, Let's Start a Cult Part Two

Field Trip: Maine for the Weekend

Talking music, food, beer and ocean views after a quick run up to Maine for the weekend.