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Alive Amongst the Living: A Winter Morning on Casco Bay

Feeling nostalgic for my days at Casco Bay Lines in Maine. So here is an essay from my thesis, It Will Be Amazing Eventually, about a trip down Casco Bay on the 505 run for Casco Bay Lines.

For Day Dreamers, By Day Dreamers

A look at the Portland, Maine band, Brenda, and a review of their new album, Fix Your Eyes

The Mallet Brothers Band Drinking Companion

A review of the Mallet Brothers Band new album, Land, complete with drinking recommendations

Drummers be Drumming

Keeping the volume down & the beat steady, playing drums in a quiet, beachfront community

Kick Out the Jams: The Spencer Albee Edition

Checking out the Soundcloud set, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times by Portland, Maine's Spencer Albee

Review: Sound City

Five thoughts about the new documentary, Sound City, that are not about it's creator, Dave Grohl

Kick Out the Jams: Viva la Rustic edition

Celebrating Rustic Overtones with a playlist of their best songs...you know, according to me.

Friday Listening: Live Rustic Overtones

A little Friday listening: Rustic Overtones live at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston April 19, 2008. The unofficial original line-up (Gutter, Roods, Ward, Zoidis, McNaboe, Noyes, Albee)  rocking out with that recently re-united band smell. Highlights are "Combustible," "History Crush," "Love Underground." Intro> Light at the End Love Underground Crash Landing Carnival Oxygen Carsick ...

Philly, I Bid You Adieu

In Mid-August of 2006 I packed up a U-Haul trailer, hooked it up to my blue Chevy Blazer and headed south for Philadelphia. The rearview mirror was full of Portland, Gram, my family, my band and the boats & crew of Casco Bay Lines. It was Saturday. I would be starting graduate school on Tuesday. ...