Kick Out the Jams: Viva la Rustic edition

Celebrating Rustic Overtones with a playlist of their best songs…you know, according to me.

I’ve made no secret about my love for Rustic Overtones, a dynamic rock/funk/soul band from sunny Portland, Maine. I grew up with the band and they have been one of the few musical consistencies in my life (next to Bob Marley.)

So really it was only a matter of time until I did a Kick Out the Jams playlist of the best Rustic songs.


Rock Like War
The Same Does Not Apply
Common Cold
Hit Man
Hardest Way Possible
Love & a 45
Downside of Looking Up
Love Underground
All Together (featuring Nigel Hall)
New Way Out
Iron Boots
Last Night’s Band
Simple Song
Sector Z (featuring David Bowie)
Everybody Needs to be Somebody’s Friend
Nuts and Bolts
History Crush
Light at the End

You can find the Rustic playlist HERE on Grooveshark.

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