Who Won the Oscars?

Not one of the awards, but who won the actual show? Hint: it’s wasn’t Russell Crowe.

Who won the Oscars?

Was it the host, Seth MacFarlane? Nope.

What about the director of Argo, which won Best Picture, Ben Affleck? Negative.

How about that random cross section of fans who love both Musicals and James Bond? They finished second.

So who won, who won the Oscars?

This girl did. And it wasn’t even close.


  1. […] looks like Jennifer Lawrence was added to this movie just as a bonus. Oh and Christian Bale is quickly becoming one of my […]


  2. […] were the best. The Oscars were kind of boring in comparison. Seth MacFarlane hosted and was eh. Jennifer Lawrence really was the big winner of the Oscars, although it was pretty great that Ben Affleck won for Argo, despite not being nominated for Best […]


  3. […] trouble. The head wants her to chill out some, keep playing it cool. She was the darling last year, the undisputed winner of the Oscars. It’s someone else’s time to shine- Nyong’o's […]


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