A Recommendation for Some Lunch Break Viewing

Gary Clark Jr and the Alabama Shakes are two of my favorite bands out there right now. Clark’s album Blak and Blu and the Shakes’ album Boys and GirlsĀ have been in heavy rotation for the past couple weeks. I walk around the house singing Clark’s song “The Life” and can’t get enough of the Alabama Shakes’ recent performance on Saturday Night Live.

So you can imagine that I was pretty stoked to see that both of these great acts would be on the same episode of the underrated music show, Austin City Limits. Clark and his band get the first half- ripping through a handful of blues/Hendrix-infused jams before the Shakes take over with a set of their blues drenched rock songs.

So here you go. This is perfect just to listen to or to sit back and watch.

This episode airs on PBS in September so make sure you thank the Internet for giving you a jump on this.

Photo from Austin City Limits





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