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‘SNL’ Has a Trump Problem

Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Trump has seemed to run it's course. So what should the show do now?

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Here's a rundown of what happened during the week of February 19th through February 23rd

Trump & The Thumbs Up Conundrum

Trump has made the thumbs up his signature move, something that has proven troubling for a life-time giver of thumbs ups

Saying Words Can Be (Unintelligible) Tough

Trump's recent interview with the Associated Press was another assault on the English language

Coming Up For Air In the World of Trump

Trying to deal with the endless barrage of news, rage and rage-filled news

The Trump Presidential Inauguration Drinking Game

The perfect way to get through Friday's inauguration!

Is This Real Life?

It's become increasingly difficult to make sense of what's going right now. Maybe that's a good thing?

The 2016 Presidential Election All-Stars

Reporters, comics and podcasters have kept us going through a rough election season