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Ep. 11: Sweet Whiskey Bar, I’ll Have a Water…

The week we talk about the Rihanna/Drake video(s,) new episodes of the New Girl & Downton Abbey, Robert Kardashian in The People vs. OJ Simpson, the latest episode of The Bachelor and some Oscar predictions.

Ep. 8: Desert Nights are Chilly

This week: Downton Abbey & The Bachelor recaps, Kanye talk and looking back at our snowed in weekends

Ep. 7: Wait, Kim Kardashian JUST Got Netflix?

This week's episode features Oscar Talk! Making a Murderer Talk! The Bachelor Talk! And more talk!

Ep. 5: Ben Higgins, Why Aren’t You Looking At Us?

This week we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the return of Downton Abbey, Jessica Jones and ask ourselves- who would you rather have solve your murder: Luther or Sherlock?

Better Call a Spin-Off

With Better Call Saul working so well, what kind of spin-offs could come from other Pantheon TV shows?

The Downton Abbey Stock Market Midseason Report

Checking in on stocks rising, stocks falling, stocks staying put

So, Anyway…

In the midst of Deflategate talk, trying to busy myself with other things

Make Way for the Peaky Blinders

The latest British TV show to hit American shores, Peaky Blinders, is part Boardwalk Empire, part Godfather and part amazing.

Downton Abbey Stock Watch: Season Finale Version

A report on the Downton Abbey Stock Market after the fourth season comes to an end.