Ep. 11: Sweet Whiskey Bar, I’ll Have a Water…


This week on the pod it’s all about what we’ve learned.

We’ve learned that Drake will never escape the Friend Zone with Rihanna and we’ve learned that Robert Kardashian repeatedly saying “Juice” is the best part about The People vs. O.J. Simpson. We’ve learned that The New Girl keeps re-inventing itself and it’s fantastic and we’ve learned that Mr. Barrow and Mary are two peas in a misery soup pod as Downton Abbey nears the end of the road. We’ve learned that whiskey bars are dope, unless you need to meet your girlfriend’s parents later that day and we’ve learned that if Leo doesn’t win an effin’ Oscar for The Revenant he might as well give up.

Oh, and we decided to highlight some non-Kanye music we are enjoying these days, presented in lovely Spotify playlist form.

The Differing Opinions on Drake podcast is now on iTunes. You can find it HERE. Please download it, review it, pass it along. We’ll be your best friends. Promise. And as always, you can reach the podcast on Twitter, Instagram or via the electronic mail.


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