Category: You Know Who’s Awesome

You Know Who’s Awesome: Bill Hader

With the news that he's leaving Saturday Night Live, looking back at some of his best moments

You Know Who’s Awesome: One Day as a Lion

The catalog of One Day as a Lion isn't nearly as long as we'd like, but that means we just have to appreciate the tunes we do have even more.

You Know Who’s Awesome: Jim James

Celebrating My Morning Jacket's frontman's solo adventure.

You Know Who’s Awesome: Rajon Rondo

You know, you go into an IMAX around 2pm, ready to learn about some polar bears and knowing that the Celtics/Heat game is surprisingly close. You know that Rajon Rondo isn't playing- just some knees issues. You know that climbing the stairs of IMAX theater is the hardest part of your day. You don't know ...

You Know Who’s Awesome: Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is awesome. Loving Wife says I have a man crush on him. I can't disagree. 5 Reasons Why Dave Grohl is Awesome: 1. He's having a blast and not afraid to show it...ever. 2. He wrote a song with Paul McCartney in three hours. And that song rocks. 3. He formed a band, Them Crooked ...