You Know Who’s Awesome: Rajon Rondo

You know, you go into an IMAX around 2pm, ready to learn about some polar bears and knowing that the Celtics/Heat game is surprisingly close. You know that Rajon Rondo isn’t playing- just some knees issues. You know that climbing the stairs of IMAX theater is the hardest part of your day.

You don’t know that when the movie is over you’re going to check the Twitter machine and find out some down right shitty news: Rondo has a torn ACL and is out for the year.

I felt like this…


Rondo is Rondo. You love him, he frustrates you to no end. But he does things on a basketball court that just don’t seem humanely possible. Over the past couple seasons he’s become the heart & soul of the Boston Celtics and without him, an already frustrating 2013 season only becomes that much more frustrating.

But let’s stay positive. In times of despair, it’s always good to remember the good times.

Like this time…

and this time…

and then this time too…

and when people like the White Mambo said Rondo was going to be the MVP this year…

and this time…

We know Rondo went down for the year yesterday and we know it’s a gigantic bummer. We know he’ll be back, but most importantly, we know how good Rondo is. It’s that last one that is important today- remembering how good Rondo is.

What’s going to become of the Celtics now?

Is KG done?

Is Paul Pierce going to get traded?

Shouldn’t Doc Rivers drink more water? He always sounds hoarse.

Those are all good questions.

But we can keep asking these questions until we’re blue in the face. Let’s face facts, as Boston fans we’ve been living it large and in charge for the past decade. Super Bowls, World Series championships, the Stanley Cup, an NBA Championship. But look at it, we’re paying the price for it now- the 2012 Red Sox, the Patriots’ post season struggles, the NHL lock out and now Rondo. We’ll be back again, but I also think we’ve grown spoiled and in some sense, entitled. There are lessons to be learned here.

Let’s not ignore it.

Things will be good again. They just have to get bad first.


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