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You Know What’s Awesome…

...these things are, which is fun to think about during non-awesome times

Today in Awesome: The Black Keys, Little League Sponsors

The Akron, Ohio natives sponsor a Little League team in their hometown

Today in Awesome: The News Team is Back!

Getting even more excited for Anchorman 2 with the release of a new trailer

Today in Awesome: Unlocking the Truth

Unlocking the Truth- just young dudes havin' fun and playin' some metal

Today in Awesome: The New Elysium Trailer

The new extended trailer for Elysium bumps it up to my second most anticipated movie of the summer

Today in Awesome: This is the End and the Real World

As if I was excited already for This is the End, the cast went ahead and filmed an episode of the Real World

Today in Awesome: New Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave's new album, Nightengale Floors, is cause for celebration

Today in Awesome: Soundgarden and Segways!

Soundgarden's video for "Crooked Steps"