Today in Awesome: Unlocking the Truth

fb6b233d7da3670cac31f6315a86c376These kids.

These three dudes. They’re sixth graders.

From Brooklyn.

Metal heads.

I love it. I love everything about this band- Unlocking the Truth.

Check out this brief documentary, this documentary about Unlocking the Truth. Watch this clip put together by Avant Garde Diaries and I dare you not to be completely enamored by these youngsters.

Unlocking the Truth is Malcolm Brickhouse on guitar, Jarad Dawkins on drums and the new dude, Alec Atkins on bass. Is their music the absolute best music ever created? No. But that’s beside the point. It’s easy to forget, but playing is music is fun. Playing music is supposed to be fun; meant to be fun. For me personally, some of the best times in my life have involved playing music. It’s hard not to think back to my days in high school, making noise in my parents’ basement for hours on end, while watching this clip. Shit man- these dudes are in sixth grade too. Even better! Take that middle school!

Avant Garde Diaries’ clip just made me smile and it was a smile that was the best kind of smile- big and wide. It’s just so refreshing to see kids so young just not give an eff word about perception or stereotypes or any of that nonsense and just play their hearts out.

Here, check them out on Totally Biased

Just kids having fun.

What music is all about.

Word on the street is Unlocking the Truth (previously known as Tears of Blood – which makes the story even better) frequently perform at Times Square.


That was the heaviest breakdown I think I’ve ever heard.

Now that could be one of the boys’ parents saying that and it could have been just a metal enthusiast passing by- it doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter that you hear a woman chuckling halfway through that clip.

What matters is how effin’ in the zone the band is while playing- head-banging, holding the head bang, bracing themselves with an expect rock ‘n roll stance.

It’s just fun to watch, man.

Totally fun.

Viva la Unlocking the Truth.

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