Today in Awesome: The Black Keys, Little League Sponsors

the-black-keysBurger King.

A fence company.

An appliance company.

A dentist.

I played baseball from tee ball through prep league (what came after little league.) Those four things I just mentioned? They were the local businesses who sponsored the teams I was on. Say what you will about Whoppers, fences, appliances and dentists, but they’re not exactly as cool as the West Akron (Ohio) Little League’s latest sponsor: The Black Keys.

Yes, the Black Keys. The band.

Shit man, that’s even cooler than Dairy Queen and Dairy Queen was an awesome sponsor because it meant free ice cream.

So here’s what happened: the Black Keys (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney) decided they wanted to give back to their hometown of Akron, Ohio. One of Carney’s buddies asked the Keys’ drummer if he’d be interested in sponsoring his son’s Little League team. Carney, a former baller back in the day, happily obliged, forking over the $300 needed to sponsor a team.

The result?

Well there’s definitely at least one thing that beats free ice cream…

Street Cred.

And even though the majority of these young bucks probably don’t even know who the Black Keys are, they’re still going to get their jerseys autographed by the band at the end of the season.

Those lucky sons of biscuits.

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