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A Recommendation for Some Lunch Break Viewing

Check out Gary Clark Jr & the Alabama Shakes on Austin City Limits

The Officially Official Oscar Recap

We only watched half of it, but that was enough! We give dap to the maker of the Mani Cam, praise Kelly Osbourne's newfound cuteness and give Seth MacFarlane a pass.

Office Watch: How Could You Be So Heartless?

Office Watch continues. Why this week's Parks and Recreation made the final season of the Office even harder to watch.

Office Watch: Booger Bubble Blues

Another episode of the Office, another uneventful step towards the end. But hey, at least Gabe showed up.

Office Watch: The Sound of Cracking Ice

Office Watch continues on and like a recently dumped Andy, we're not feeling too awesome.

Shut It Down: Super Bowl Thoughts

Ray Lewis has left the building and so has the 2012 NFL season. A rundown of Super Bowl thoughts.

Office Watch: On Thin Ice & Putting the Office on Notice

The first installment of Office Watch- a week by week analysis of The Office's last days.

2000 Conversations: Giant Turtles, Tattoos & Touchdowns, a Fictional Conversation About the Super Bowl

The bar is nearly empty when 2000 walks in, shaking the remnants of snow off of his jacket. He rambles up to the bar as ramblers do, taking a seat on a stool a couple stools down from the only other patron, a frosty looking gentlemen with a salt & pepper beard. They make eye ...