Office Watch: Booger Bubble Blues


The slow march towards the end of The Office continued last night with “Moving On,” the second straight episode dragged down by the return of Ed Helms’ Andy Bernard.

How did it rate?

Andy Bernard Insufferable Douche Level: 9

Laughs Audible to Another Person: 1.5

Overall Level of Amusement: 4

Signs of Life/Bright Spots: Bob Odenkirk, Zero Clark Thirty, the return of Gabe

Troubling/Annoying Takeaway: How did Andy not get fired at the beginning of the episode?

Enjoyable Takeaways: the following quotes…
“It’s consolation champagne- from the part of France that immediately gave up to the Nazis.” – Jim
“I don’t have the lung capacity to blow a whistle.” – Gabe explaining why he can never be a gym teacher
“I’m as smooth as a porpoise.” – Gabe

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