Hey, Let’s Lay Off Stubbs A Little Bit

Ok, now I have a second issue with Westworld.

To catch you up, my previous issue was with Maeve’s search for her daughter and how it seemed strange they were in Shogun World, even though they knew she was in West World. But now she’s found her daughter, she wasn’t in Shogun World; that trip was a blunder of navigation I guess, she was in West World all along, and now those pesky rascals in Ghost Nation has her and Maeve is in bad shape, having taken a few shots to the belly.

Issue resolved. Great!

Now my new gripe is with the treatment of Ashley Stubbs because frankly, that dude deserves better. He seems like a good guy, a faithful employee and a dedicated soldier. So why has he become the brunt of so much ridicule, mockery and general poor treatment this season? Why have everyone involved on Team Delos been so willing to make Stubbs the face of the host uprising when blame could be shared by numerous people (or one?) I’ll tell you why. People love a scapegoat, especially when that scapegoat is beneficial to them. Even in the future, on an island off the coast of Japan or China or Earth, the world is cruel that way. Self preservation will never go out of style.

Because everyone at Delos associated with West World is looking to save their ass, Stubbs, the head of security at West World, has been treated like shit this season. Complete shit. Whether it’s Charlotte Hale belittling him, the ominous Karl Strand talking down to him or the OPS SWAT team that was brought in last week and their leader (RIP) treating Stubbs like a useless teenager, Stubbs has gotten way more shit than he deserves. Yes, he is the head of security for a place that recently experienced a fairly devastating massacre, in which numerous guests of the park were murdered, and Hale was right, it’s not a good look for him, but hey, we all have bad days, right?

Plus, wasn’t Stubbs a prisoner of Ghost Nation when the host uprising started? Give the dude a break. He was off that day!

Everyone with Delos needs to take a moment to properly take stock of their current situation and shelf assigning blame for the time being. The robots are winning guys. Blaming Stubbs or making fun of him or giving him jobs like guarding the trash can isn’t going to help the situation at all. Let’s say you’re the OPS Team brought in to right the ship and get things back on track at West World and the other parks. You may have plenty of maps and a good idea of what’s going on, but wouldn’t some local knowledge be beneficial? You know, someone like Stubbs? I would think that in a situation as the one currently ensnaring West World, someone with intimate knowledge of the park would be an asset, not a punching bag. I’m not a member of an OPS team, but I have found myself in a mildly similar situation and I can attest to the value of local assistance. Stubbs is a resource everyone. Don’t you see that?

They don’t though. Stubbs is a joke to them, which is a shame because he wants to help make things right just as much as they do. Oh wait, they don’t. They just want their science project. Human casualties be damned. Stubbs is the victim in more ways than one. #justiceforstubbs

Of course if I was in Hale’s position or Strand’s position, I probably would be a little dismissive of Stubbs too. Again, it does kind of seem like if we’re ranking those at fault (and you know, not counting the dude who really is) Stubbs is at the top because you know…

Related image

The first line on Stubb’s job description is most likely something along the lines of making sure no one dies while at West World. Kind of biffed it there, Stubbs.

But if we’re going to keep blaming him for all of this, but at the same time, not properly utilize him in fixing the problem you are blaming him for letting happen, just fire the dude. Send him home. Or kill him. Drop him off in Shogun World and let the samurais have their way with him. There’s no sense keeping him around just to make fun of him and kick him around. You’re still paying him. Fire the dude, tell him you’ll hold off any legal action in lieu of holding severance pay and be done with it. If you’re not going to fire him though, then he’s still a part of the team and given the escalating circumstances, Team Delos needs all the help they can get.

Why waste time with casual work place harassment when lives are literally at stake? What kind of people would do something like that?

Oh wait, probably the kind of people looking to spy on people when they don’t know it to help rich people live forever.

I take it back.

Either way, Stubbs deserves better. But maybe it’s not just treatment, maybe it’s co-workers and bosses.







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