It’s Decided. The Summer Jam of 2015 is…

image-940x528The race is over. Done. Finito. I have decided on what is Giddy Up America’s official Summer Jam of 2015 is.

Something by Taylor Swift?

No. Although for a while there, the smart money, at least according to this blog, was on “Style.”

Our girl RiRi?

Negative. “Bitch Better Have My Money” isn’t something I’d consider a summer jam. It’s more of a…I don’t know…something for a slightly more menacing time of year. Like late fall.

So what is it then? Those are the two usual suspects.

Well, some other contenders were “Smooth Sailin'” by Leon Bridges, “i” by Kendrick Lamar, which is pretty dope and our honorary rock nominee this year is…uh…man, not sure about this one. Maybe one of those songs by the Arcs? Eh, maybe not. Rock still has a few weeks left to get someone in the running.

But regardless and whatever, without further ado, our summer jam of 2015…

That’s right. A lil’ Nicki Minaj and David Gogetta…Goudetter…Gouda…what the hell is that dude’s name?

David Guetta.

He’s a DJ. You know he’s a DJ because he’s the awkward looking white fella in an otherwise pretty dope video, which may or may not be outtake footage from Mad Max. I’m not sure. I never saw it.

This song has everything you would ever want from a summer jam…sick beat, a chorus to sing-a-long to – even has a little reggae-tinge to it. If I was a different kind of person I might be so inclined to cruise the strip with this blasting. But I’m not. And I also live in a quiet, beach front community where such an act is probably something you could be thrown in jail for. And I don’t want to go to jail. If anything because then I wouldn’t be able to listen to this song unless my wife smuggled in an iPod and she’s not the smuggling type.

So congratulations to Ms. Minaj and DJ Gouda or whatever the hell his name is.

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