Summer Jam of 2015? I Might Have Spoken to Soon

image-940x528I might have over-reacted. I might have suffered from a rush to judgement. It happens. I am occasionally an excitable young man.

Only last week I declared “Hey Mama” by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj Giddy Up America’s Summer Jam of 2015. I was convinced and adamant, despite facing criticism from certain folks I find myself surrounded by on a daily basis. But whatever, “Hey Mama” was something I believed in; a song I felt that sure, was the jam of the summer. It sure as shit wasn’t the “Cheerleader” song or “Trap Queen.”

Well, I might have been a tad bit hasty.

This “Lean On” song by Major Lazer and DJ Snake might have changed my mind.

I like the beat, like the groove. Is this a better song than “Hey Mama?” I would argue that it depends on what kind of summer you are having. But I would then counter with that regardless of the kind of summer, “Lean On” is generally more applicable to a variety of situations than “Hey Mama” and that increases it’s value and also it’s claim to Summer Jam of 2015.

So where does that put us?

I don’t know man. This new Dr. Dre album is pretty dope.



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