Making Some Assumptions About Leon Bridges

1eOV0D.St.117Thanks to My Darling Wife I know who Leon Bridges is. She was kind of enough to point me in the direction of his song, “Coming Home.” I heard echoes of Sam Cooke in the best way possible and I was on board with this Leon Bridges fellow right away.

Thanks to recent work I’ve been doing with UPROXX I learned a little bit about who exactly this Leon Bridges fellow is.

I know he’s from Texas, used to wash dishes and had almost forty record labels bidding for him, with Columbia Records eventually winning out. Bridges’ debut album, Coming Home, will be released later this month, although nearly half of the album has already been released.

That is not a lot to know about someone you consider one of your favorite new artists, which I do. Yet because Bridges is still on the come up, information on him beyond what I already know is scarce. This leads me to do something rash, fraught with potential peril and pitfalls, and something I try not to do on a regular basis- make some assumptions.

Specifically twenty of them.

1. Leon Bridges has never seen The Wire.
2. He occasionally claims his middle name is Trouble.
3. Leon does not have a Facebook page. His own personal page that is. Of course he has a musical one, he’s not a damn fool.
4. He once ate only hot dogs for an entire month.
5. Leon Bridges firmly believes that music begins and ends with “No Diggity” by Blackstreet.
6. According to him, Melissa McCarthy’s best work was on The Gilmore Girls.
7. He will however, never admit publicly to having watched The Gilmore Girls.
8. Leon Bridges is a gosh darn pie aficionado.
9. He likes to pretend pretzel sticks are cigars when no one is looking.
10. He once wore shorts, but that’s only because all of his pants were dirty.
11. Ringo is his favorite Beatle.
12. Leon foolishly bought shares of Blockbuster after his uncle urged him to invest in something. His uncle said to invest in “something blockbuster,” not “some thing Blockbuster.”
13. Leon can quote any line Vince said on Friday Night Lights on cue.
14. He has never seen any of The Godfather movies.
15. Leon Bridges might be from Texas, but he’ll only wear a cowboy hat when he’s drunk.
16. Leon Bridges doesn’t drink.
17. His favorite bird is a Blue Jay.
18. Oddly enough, his least favorite baseball team is the Blue Jays.
19. He loves him some David Sedaris.
20. Leon Bridges can sit down and watch golf for hours, even though he totally doesn’t understand how the game is he played.

Not an assumption, Bridges’ song “The River” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while.

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