Downton Abbey Stock Watch: Midseason Update

downton-abbey-season-4-cast-photoIt’s been two weeks since our last look at Giddy Up America’s Downton Abbey Stock Market. You can see market updates for the first two weeks of this season here. But to quickly summarize- the Dowager’s stock is always rising, Lord Grantham’s is always falling and Mary is a dark horse candidate for season MVP.

Let’s see how the market looks after four episodes.

Whose Stock is Rising?

Mrs. Hughes

She’s one half of the downstairs dream team (along with Mr. Carson) and that stock is unstoppable, but over these past two weeks her own personal stock has started to take off faster than the murderous rage that is rising in Mr. Bates’ English belly. But more on him later. This is about Mrs. Hughes, the patron saint of Downton Abbey. God, she’s a sweet heart, a genuine sweet heart who doubles as the conductor of the Straight Talk Express, something I appreciate. Put Mrs. Hughes in a room with Lord Grantham and she’d have his foolish ways with money cleared up in a matter of minutes. I still think Mary is the front runner for season MVP, but Mrs. Hughes is making some noise.

Mr. Bates

You know what a bad husband does when he finds out his wife has been raped and he confronts her about it? He tells his wife that he’s going to kill that son of a biscuit.

You know what a good husband does when he finds out his wife has been raped and he confronts her about it? He tells her that he loves her and keeps his murder plots secret.

Mr. Bates is a good husband.

Mr. Bates is going to kill that lecherous douche rocket rapist. Probably next week.

And he won’t say a word about it to Anna. Because Mr. Bates is a good husband.

And maybe kind of a psycho path.


Because we’re all rooting for Alfred.

The Dowager

Her stock is always rising, even more so when she’s putting people in their place (see Matthew’s mother.)

Lord Grantham

A massive shock to the traders on the market floor, but it’s true- Lord Grantham’s stock rose slightly this week as he took the side of tradition and helped out the son of a recently deceased tenant.

Whose Stock is Falling?

Mr. Carson

I know old Carson takes his job seriously and that’s commendable, but kicking poor Mosley while he’s already down and out seemed especially cold hearted. Carson’s stock would be plummeting if not for the few words of encouragement he passed along to Alfred after Alfred failed the cooking test.


A hurricane knocked over little Sybil’s blocks. Not cool, hurricane. Not cool at all.

The Abbey’s Ice Box

Times are changing and a refrigerator is coming to town!

Whose Stock is Standing Pat?

Mary (still strong,) Rose (still staying above water based on potential,) Branson (no movement this week,) Edith (we’re a little curious about the doctor’s visit, missy,) visiting valets (still in the dog house.)





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