Tag: Netflix

Ep. 7: Wait, Kim Kardashian JUST Got Netflix?

This week's episode features Oscar Talk! Making a Murderer Talk! The Bachelor Talk! And more talk!

Ep. 6: We’d Like to Thank Our Team…

This week it's all about the Golden Globes, a little known rapper named Kanye, the Netflix Takeover continues and the Bachelor

Ep. 5: Ben Higgins, Why Aren’t You Looking At Us?

This week we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the return of Downton Abbey, Jessica Jones and ask ourselves- who would you rather have solve your murder: Luther or Sherlock?

Giddy Up America’s Favorite Things of 2015

Running through my ten favorite things of 2015

An Underwood House Divided

Wrapping up House of Cards' third season with a run of thoughts about the show

I Do Declare, House of Cards Returns

Six takeaways from House of Cards' third season premier

Make Way for the Peaky Blinders

The latest British TV show to hit American shores, Peaky Blinders, is part Boardwalk Empire, part Godfather and part amazing.

Pouring One Out for The Bridge

FX cancels The Bridge after two seasons. Sadness ensues.

No Apologies

Whether you like it or not, House of Cards is back.