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Twenty Albums That Made 2016 Tolerable

The 20 albums released in 2016 that helped get us through a rough year

Five Thoughts on Tribe’s New Album

Takeaways from A Tribe Called Quest's new album 'We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your service'


Closing time on my stint at UPROXX, buy hey, I learned who Gucci Mane is.

And Now…the GoT Hangover Jams Playlist

Music to play as you comb through numerous Game of Thrones' reviews & think pieces

And Now…Jams for a Friday

Fridays in the winter are tough business. This playlist's goal is to make them slightly less tough.

Drop the Mic: Okay, Let’s Go Fall edition

So it's fall and here's some music to get things going

Getting Back on the Train

And this summer, I re-discovered Phish

It’s Decided. The Summer Jam of 2015 is…

We have found a winner and sorry Taylor Swift, it's not you

Steady As They Go

Galactic are back with another great album, Into the Deep