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At Least We Have Run the Jewels

Times are tough. But at least with RTJ around, times are tolerable.

Twenty Albums That Made 2016 Tolerable

The 20 albums released in 2016 that helped get us through a rough year

Five Thoughts on Tribe’s New Album

Takeaways from A Tribe Called Quest's new album 'We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your service'


Closing time on my stint at UPROXX, buy hey, I learned who Gucci Mane is.

And Now…the GoT Hangover Jams Playlist

Music to play as you comb through numerous Game of Thrones' reviews & think pieces

And Now…Jams for a Friday

Fridays in the winter are tough business. This playlist's goal is to make them slightly less tough.

Drop the Mic: Okay, Let’s Go Fall edition

So it's fall and here's some music to get things going

Getting Back on the Train

And this summer, I re-discovered Phish

It’s Decided. The Summer Jam of 2015 is…

We have found a winner and sorry Taylor Swift, it's not you