Boehner Thoughts

We all know John Boehner wasn't enjoying himself during the State of the Union address, but what was he thinking about. We try and find out.

Jam of the Day: Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

"Thrift Shop" blew me away and that's why it's today's Jam of the Day.

Hov for Pope: Making the Case for Pope Jay Z

I have two words for you, Vatican: Jay Z.

2000 Conversations: Running Through the AL East

A friendly conversation about baseball and the American League East.

Hangin’ with the Cool Kids: 2013 Grammy Recap

The Black Keys kill it, Taylor Swift sure loves EVERYBODY, presumed awkwardness between Sting & Bruno Mars and more Grammy thoughts.

You Know Who’s Awesome: Jim James

Celebrating My Morning Jacket's frontman's solo adventure.

Office Watch: The Sound of Cracking Ice

Office Watch continues on and like a recently dumped Andy, we're not feeling too awesome.

Shut It Down: Super Bowl Thoughts

Ray Lewis has left the building and so has the 2012 NFL season. A rundown of Super Bowl thoughts.

Back in Action: the Return of Justin Timberlake

JT is back and looking back at the Summer of Timberlake.