20 Things: Blurred Lines

robin-thicke-blurred-lines_11I don’t know much about Robin Thicke. I think his Dad is Alan Thicke.

That does nothing to change how I feel about him.

But homeboy has a song, “Blurred Lines” that for the love of God, I effin’ love. I hear just a snippet and I’m humming it for the rest of the day. The words? No clue. I make up my own except for you know you want it.

“Blurred Lines” makes me want to do soooooo many things.

Here are twenty…

1. Crash a wedding so I can get wedding drunk and proceed to wedding dance to it.
2. Perform a bank robbery, but like I was in a musical.
3. Shake my hips like a mother effer.
4. Drink Coronas at a cool beach front bar.
5. Speaking of bars, I’d love to enter a bar with “Blurred Lines” playing. Oh, and everything would be in slow motion.
6. Strut like a mother effer.
7. Go to Paris. It just seems appropriate.
8. Tell someone you know you want it…but not in a sexual way because then it’d be kind of funny.
9. Hang out with Pharrell.
10. Answer this question: So you think you can dance? With a resounding hell yes I think I can effin’ dance.
11. Proceed to then dance on an illuminated dance floor.
12. Make something like mowing the lawn all sexy & shit.
13. Be a professional baseball player and use it as my walk-up music.
14. Go roller skating…disco roller skating. Complete with bell bottoms.
15. Tell someone you know you want it…but in a sexual way, but just not in a sexual situation. Cause that’d be kind of funny too.
16. Slide a drink down a bar to someone.
17. Wear a suit. But hey, the tie is optional. Or at the very least, worn loose.
18. Wrestle an alligator. Maybe.
19. Correct myself when I say you know you want it. It’s I know you want it.
20. Pop ‘n lock like a mother effer.

Bonus: try not to get sick of this song by July 5th. (It’s currently July 3rd.)

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  1. I think you should go with wrestling an alligator. ..then post it here if you can…I would love to see it….lol


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