Category: Playlists

The Pre-Doomsday Playlist

Some music to get you through the pre-election doldrums

Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

A playlist to lift some spirits after a demoralizing Presidential debate

And Now…the GoT Hangover Jams Playlist

Music to play as you comb through numerous Game of Thrones' reviews & think pieces

The Best Playlist on Spotify

The race is over. New Orleans Brass is the best playlist on Spotify.

And Now…the What Up June! Playlist

June is dope. Here is a playlist to usher in the dopeness.

And Now…the Sun is Out Playlist

A playlist to celebrate the return of the sun after what seems like weeks of rain

And Now…the GoT is Coming Playlist

Music to listen to while you get ready for Game of Thrones' season six

And Now…Jams for a Friday

Fridays in the winter are tough business. This playlist's goal is to make them slightly less tough.