The Pre-Doomsday Playlist

Here, I didn’t feel it was enough to just list some awesome things to keep the mood cheery and lively as the shadow of the 2016 Presidential election looms larger and creeps closer and closer. I wanted to provide some musical accompaniment. I mean, or you could listen to the news all day. That’s your choice.


“Mt. Crushmore” Lettuce
“Arabeesh” Brownout
“Cut Ya Down” Eli Paperboy Reed
“Bushwick Blues” Delta Spirit
“Near to the Wild Heart of Life” Japandroids
“My Wave” Soundgarden
“It’s About Time” Young the Giant
“They Want My Soul” Spoon
“Gold” Sir Sly
“Above the Clouds” Gang Starr w/ Inspecktah Deck
“Headphones” Paranoid Social Club
“My Belly” Aesop Rock
“My Mind” The Arcs
“Room in Here” Anderson.Paak
“Mars” The Olympians
“Same Old Lie” Jim James
“Jenny Says” Cowboy Mouth
“The Rat” The Walkmen
“Random Name Generator” Wilco
“Hot Blood” Kaleo


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