The Best Playlist on Spotify

SpotifyI have made many playlists on Spotify. They’ve been made for moods, days, special occasions. Some are influenced by weather, some are influenced by sports, some are influenced by incredibly specific situations, like waiting for Game of Thrones. Some are dedicated to a particular band or an artist, personal greatest hits collections I’ve compiled.

Yet every so often I need to seek out playlists created by other people. Because I’m picky about what music I listen to, this can be tough. But today, today I do believe I have struck gold and have found what I truly believe might be the best playlist on Spotify. It’s “New Orleans Brass,” a playlist curated by the Spotify brain-trust themselves. It’s nice to see that they are earning their money. They are certainly making enough of it.

The playlist is a dynamite collection of music both from and inspired by the great city of New Orleans. It’s a lot of funky beats, soaring horn lines and dancing and shuffling piano. It features Dr. John, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Galactic (a Giddy Up America favorite,) Allen Toussaint, Trombone Shorty and more. I’m not sure how could listen to this playlist and not be instantly in a good mood- if not a great mood.

I’ll continue to make my own playlists. But I’ll do so knowing I’ve found the best one there is.

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