The Galactic Appreciation Society

I keep coming back to Galactic in the same way I keep coming back to Dave Eggers novels, Yuengling and my old Casco Bay Lines’ hoodie. Galactic are reliable, fun and valuable for a variety of situations. They also feature one of my favorite drummers, Stanton Moore.

Galactic is a 5 piece funk/jazz/fusion/hip hop backing band from New Orleans. Over the years their sound has evolved from a jazz-centric style to a more groove heavy vibe to a more subdued hip hop style when working with producer Dan the Automator and an eclectic gang of rappers and then most recently to a more wildin’ out Mardi Gras party band style. Through it all though has been a commitment to a groove and a commitment to their hometown of New Orleans. In recent years they’ve seemed to embrace their hometown more and more, dropping albums that are dripping with massive horn sections and the sweet powdered sugar of a delicious beignet.

Over the years they’ve been joined by a variety of vocalists like the New Orleans blues/funk singer the Houseman, Living Colour’s singer Corey Glover, the Neville Brothers, as well as rappers like Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab, Mystikal, Ohmegga Watts, Chali 2na and more.

In a celebration of the band itself and the fact that they just continue to keep on doing what they’re doing, I put together a playlist of my 45 favorite Galactic tunes. There’s funky ones, beat-heavy ones, ones with rappers, ones with singers, even one with a high school band.




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  1. I like ‘em. Thanks for the introduction!


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