Shimmy Shimmy Ya: the My Morning Jacket edition

My Morning Jacket is a Giddy Up America favorite. Here is a playlist of the band’s best songs (according to Giddy Up America)

my-morning-jacket-4fe8c2547ae2dIt took me far too long to do this, to make a Best of playlist for My Morning Jacket.

I would mostly apologize to myself.

My Morning Jacket is most definitely a Giddy Up America-approved band. They have been since I first heard a live version of “Dancefloors” from a Bonnaroo compilation over ten years. They are actually in the top 3 of Giddy Up America-approved bands if I were to make a list…which I’ll do right now.

The Top 5 Giddy Up America-Approved Bands

Rustic Overtones
My Morning Jacket
The Roots
Dr. Dog

And all of these bands have Giddy Up America Best of playlists…except My Morning Jacket- and again, I’ll apologize to myself first. This playlist is far overdue.

Giddy Up America’s Best of My Morning Jacket Playlist


“Aluminum Park”
“First Light”
“Holdin On to Black Metal”
“Off the Record”
“The Day is Coming”
“I’m Amazed”
“One Big Holiday”
“The Way That He Sings”
“Wordless Chorus”
“Evil Urges”
“Outta My System”
“Sec Walkin”
“Phone Went West”
“It Beats For You”
“Easy Morning Rebel”
“Run Thru”
“Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Pt. 1”
“Bermuda Highway”
“Smokin’ from Shootin'”




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