The Hype Index: Super Bowl Trailers Edition

Here’s a fun twist, not only has the Super Bowl become prime real estate for brands to shuck their goods successfully and unsuccessfully, the folks over in movie town U.S.A. have gotten into the mix. Now I could be wrong here, but I don’t remember so many big budget, highly anticipated movies showing off trailers during the Super Bowl. Maybe one or two, sure. But last night we got at least five trailers for 2018 blockbusters, as well as couple trailers for some of the year’s most eagerly awaited television shows. It is very exciting development.

In response, I have decided to dust off the old Giddy Up America Hype Index, which made it’s debut last summer after San Diego Comic Con. Here is how we’ll be grading the trailers that debuted during Sunday night’s game.

The Is This Real Life? Level

For when something just seems almost too much to deal with…in a good way.


For when something just looks awesome, plain and simple.

The Looks Pretty Sweet Level

Is it going to win an Oscar or an Emmy? Probably not. But does that matter? Nope.

The Okay, We’ll See Level

Because sometimes, well, we’ll see how things go.

The Eh, No Thanks Level

Pretty clear-cut here.

Okay, let’s get into it, shall we.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Was this a surprise? Did we know this was going to happen? And by “we,” I mean like, the general public and not ferocious Star Wars-heads. Either way, this spot started and I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t immediately sit up a little more attentively in my seat. For that alone, it’s a win. But the larger issue at a play was the fact that it was our first real glimpse at this new Star Wars joint, the Han Solo origin story. A longer trailer dropped Monday morning and with it, a little bit more to chew on. But the initial trailer…or teaser…whatever, covered enough bases to be considered a success.

Plus, Donald Glover is out there just Lando-ing the shit out of things.

He looks like every Eagles’ fan probably feels like this morning.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

So the dinosaurs have not just gotten off the island, but now they’re sneaking into little kid’s bedrooms? Thus we continue our companion series, Jurassic Park: This Whole Thing Was a Terrible Idea From the Beginning. No really, you brought back dinosaurs to life and thought that there would be zero negatives in the process? Bush league fellas.

As for the movie, sure, I’m game. Looks fun.

Hype Level: Looks Pretty Sweet

Avengers: Infinity War

As a movie, I’m already on board. You had me at “single piano note played hauntingly.”

However, as a trailer, this one is pretty meh. You have to look past the forest though and look at the bigger picture. This movie is going to be 18 hours long and feature every actor working today. A thirty second spot is never going to do it justice.


Mission Impossible – Fallout

Did you see American Made? I did. It was pretty okay. With that being said, Mission Impossible flicks seem like Tom Cruise’s comfort zone these days. I mean, he probably just spouts out random ideas for stunts to an assistant, that assistant then goes to find another assistant, the one with the English degree, and then that assistant gets cracking on a script. Then poof, a new Mission Impossible movie.

This movie looks fun, though. I do have to ask, are we supposed to remember stuff from previous Mission Impossible movies? And like plot stuff, not hey, in one of them Tom Cruise ran down a plane or in another, he climbed up the side of a building (Ha, that’s all of them!) Cause I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember any plot stuff from the previous movies.

I have to say though, very interested to see how Tom gets out of this one:

Hype Level: The Looks Pretty Sweet Level


I will fully admit that Dwayne Johnson is a national treasure and should be celebrated accordingly. However, I’m starting to believe that I might go the rest of my life having never seen one of his movies. Additionally, I think I’m okay with that.

Hype Level: Eh, No Thanks

And not to be left out, the TV folks dropped a couple trailers .


At this point, Westworld is in pure okay, we’ll see mode because leading up to the first season, we all generally agreed that it looked awesome. But then we actually watched the show and then we all generally agreed it was just okay. It had moments, but overall was a solid C, maybe B-. As a result, we need to see the actual meat and potatoes before coming to any conclusions about the show. Yet I will say that this trailer is super, super promising.

And not just because I love when robotic buffalo go rogue.

Hype Level: The Looks Pretty Sweet Level

Castle Rock

Hey, it’s Stephen King mixtape. Hey, you definitely wouldn’t know that by the trailer. Hey, I only know that because the Internet told me. Hey, that’s not a good look for a trailer.

Hype Level: Okay, We’ll See


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