What to Watch Now That ‘Game of Thrones’ is Done?

It’s Tuesday and we are almost two days removed from the season finale of Game of Thrones. If you’re a fan of the show, that means you’ve spent almost two days coming to terms with how comfortable you may or may not be with incest, wondering if luring Jon into a trap to snag a dragon was the Night King’s plan all along and hoping with every shred of hope you can muster that Tormund is somehow still alive.

But at some point you’re going to have to turn the page. You’re going to have find something else to watch, something else to obsess over. It’s going to be almost two years until we get more Game of Thrones, so it’s best to get cracking now on filling that void.

Luckily there are roughly 3,426 television shows out there to choose from, counting those that are already airing and those that are premiering this fall. You have no shortage of options. You may actually have too many options. Damn those pesky first world problems, huh?

In the light of the seven, here are seven of the better options to choose from as you slowly and sadly realize that you’ll have to once again spend Sunday nights watching Game of Thrones.

The Deuce

This is the likeliest candidate to fill that dreaded Game of Thrones‘ void, even though it has more similarities to The Wire than Thrones. There’s a reason for that – the show is the latest project from David Simon, the dude behind The Wire, as well as TremeGeneration Kill and Show Me a Hero. Simon loves himself some decaying landscape and moral corruption and The Deuce is his sweet spot, focusing on the early days of the porn industry in 1970’s New York. It stars James Franco as twins, as well as Maggie Gyllenhall and a handful of fan favorites from Simon’s days in West Baltimore. (The Deuce premieres on HBO on September 10)

Vice Principals

This is a fact: no one drops a F bomb better than Danny McBride. No one. I don’t even know who is second place. Samuel L. Jackson is probably in the top 5, but that top spot belongs solely to McBride. McBride also plays a character full of percolating rage, repressed desires and toxic frustration better than most and that’s all on full display on Vice Principals. The show focuses on McBride and his fellow assistant principal angling for that prized principal position. In the season one finale, McBride’s character was shot and based on the trailer, he’s now out for revenge. This second is it for the show, it was designed to only run two seasons. Curb Your Enthusiasm will most likely hog a lot of the spotlight, but don’t sleep on Vice Principals. (Vice Principals returns to HBO on September 17)

The Vietnam War

Ken Burns’ latest documentary project is a ten-parter about the Vietnam War. They interviewed over 80 witnesses and it’s already being called the definitive account of an undefinitive time in American history. (The Vietnam War premieres on PBS on September 17)

The Good Place

Sneak attack show! Although should it have been? I don’t know, maybe there is too much TV now. That has to be the reason for why a show staring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell and created by Michael Schur, the gentlemen who worked on The Office created  Parks and Recreation, was able to flew under the radar. But this show might be the smartest show on television and will have you asking yourself big, tough and weird questions about right and wrong at least four times per episode. (The Good Place returns to NBC on September 28)

Curb Your Enthusiasm

It’s been six long years since we got to cringe and laugh at Larry David. This show feels like a gift. If David had never decided to bring the show back, it would have a bummer, but also understandable and we would have eventually moved on. (Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO on October 1)

Mr. Robot

We need CBS to develop a weekly procedural that focuses on a former TV executive turned cop who every week tries to figure out what went wrong or what happened with a certain television show. One of the first cases should then be about what exactly happened during the second season of Mr. Robot because I watched every episode and I’d be hard-pressed to explain any of it to you. Yet with that being said, I’m still all in on this show, especially with Bobby Cannavale joining the cast. (Mr. Robot returns to USA on October 11)

Stranger Things

The good news is that Will is back. The bad news? Will is back with some serious issues that not even well-placed Christmas lights can cure. (Stranger Things will be released by Netflix on October 27)



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