Twelve Questions for the ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

Season seven of Game of Thrones concludes Sunday night and while this season may have stumbled some in the late stages, it’s still been a great season overall. Yes, the pace has been confusing, even frustrating at times, but we can’t sleep on how much fun it’s been seeing characters who were once strewn about the show’s landscape finally being brought together.

Heading into the finale, it looks like we’ll get a few more of those characters being brought together, as Daenerys, Jon and company head to meet up with Cersei to talk ice cold dangers lurking in the north and what that means going forward. It’s definitely the most anticipated aspect of the finale, although I think we’re all curious how this sister drama in Winterfell gets sorted out. And by curious I mean, effin’ resolved because it’s becoming increasingly hard to watch.

When a season of television ends, we go in with questions and we want to come out with answers. Here are some questions Giddy Up America has and if they could be so kind, would like answered.

1. Will Tyrion get back on Daenerys good side?

Our favorite little dude has been in struggle city for the past season and a half – dating back to his ill-advised negotiations with the slavers in Mereen. He’s definitely seemed a little shaken with Danys methods since she arrived in Westeros and he is facing his last living relatives, something the Dragon Queen is all too aware of. He then seemed to ruffle some feathers last week when he brought up possible succession plans, even though it was a perfectly reasonable subject to raise. He seems like he’s in a good place right now, but you have to imagine that if this meeting with Cersei goes south for Team Dragon Queen, he’ll be the one to pay a price.

2. Yo, will Jon and Daenerys you know, like hook up?

It sure seems that way. It looked like they were going to at the end of last week’s episode. At this point, it’d almost be too unbelievable if they didn’t get together. Plus, with all of this talk of bending the knee, it seems like an easy work-around for everyone involved would be for them to get hitched. Boom. Problem solved.

3. On that note, will Jon’s true ancestry be revealed?

You mean that he’s a most likely a full-fledged Targaryen, which was revealed in kind of a half-ass way a few weeks ago? I don’t know. That seems like a big info dump for a finale. Granted Game of Thrones has been cruising this season, but I feel like if you’re going to drop a Woj-Bomb like that it’ll need some time to marinate and be digested and then eventually handled by both the show and the characters.

4. For the love of God, will the Sansa/Arya beef be resolved?

Holy hell I hope so. The show has had some leaps of logic this season and it’s definitely bummed so people out, especially those folks heavily invested in the show, the book and the world around the show. Casual viewers are probably unfazed, but for those people who have dove a little further into it, it’s been a little bit of a buzz kill.

One of the biggest kicks in the coconuts this season has been Arya’s arch since returning to Winterfell. Given all of her training with the Faceless Men, falling hook, line and sinker for Littlefinger’s plan to drive a wedge in between her and her sister seems like a stretch to say the least. This kerfuffle needs to be closed up quick, faster than a bar in a small town on a week night.

5. Will Littlefinger be killed?


6. With Brienne headed for King’s Landing, is it possible that she is able to be the one to convince Jaime that his sister is a psycho?

Doubtful, but maybe. They do have a special relationship. I’d say if anyone could do it, it’d be her.

7. Will Cersei have Bronn killed?

You mean because he set up the meeting between Jaime and Tyrion? I don’t think so. She needs Bronn right now mainly because Jaime needs Bronn right now. Murdering Bronn would leave Jaime without a trusted second-in-command, something he desperately needs if they intend on putting up a fight against Danys. Although sparring Bronn would be reasonable and it’s not like anyone would ever describe Cersei has reasonable. It’s been a good run with Bronn, a run that we might have to talk about in the past tense after the finale.

8. Will Euron be back this week?

Euron had a big two weeks early in the season, but he’s been MIA since. I’d guess that he’ll be involved when Cersei sits down with Daenerys. He almost has to be. If not, they kind of wasted him and it would seem cheap if the only point of him was to help Cersei turn the tables on Daenerys and even the playing field.

9. Is Grey Worm still stuck at Casterly Rock?

Based on the preview it doesn’t look like that way. It kind of looks like he was outside of King’s Landing. Although to be fair, it’s a long episode and people get places super fast now. So maybe he’ll be in both spots this week.

10. Is Yara still alive?

Probably. But really, who knows. And more importantly, does anyone really care?

11. But probably not for long, right?

Probably not.

12. What role will the White Walkers have this week?

They’ll be talked about, but I doubt we’ll see them. The show doesn’t really roll out the Walkers two weeks in a row. If anything, they do the thing where they end the episode with them in sight of the wall, which would be kind of cool. That’s a move they’ve done before and it’d be a good way to send us into next season.


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