Before We Go Wildin’

rihanna-paul-kanyeOver the weekend a new track from My Girl RiRi, Kanye West and some dude named Paul McCartney dropped on the World Wide Web. It understandably caused a ruckus and thankfully, distracted at least some of us from deflated footballs. It’s the second Kanye/Sir Paul collaboration to surface in this year, the first one an ode to West’s mom, who most likely knew who Sir Paul was (unlike the majority of people who heard the song.) Both songs are on the mellow side and only the first one flirts with Auto Tone.

But we’re not talking about the first one, we’re talking about the second one. We’re talking about “FourFiveSeconds.”

Is This Song Any Good?

Uh, kind of. The hook is hot fire. The rest of the song- not so much.

But, Shouldn’t It Be Good?

With Sir Paul and Kanye involved? Yes.

What Does It Sound Like?

The three kids down the hall in your dorm keeping you up in the middle of the night.

What Does It Smell Like?

The three kids down the hall in your dorm smoking doobs in the middle of the night.

What is One Good Takeaway From This Track?

It shows an interesting new direction for My Girl RiRi. Her voice sounds great on the song, easily the highlight.

What Is One Bad Takeaway From This Track?

Uh, so you have Paul McCartney in studio and this is what you come up with?

You’re Saying Paul Could Have Done More?

You mean the guy who wrote “Live and Let Die?” Yes. Yes I am.

What Does This Song Say About Kanye?

That maybe he’s growing up, evolving and headed in a new direction, especially if you couple this song with the other Sir Paul collaboration. Both are light years away from something like “All of the Lights.”

A Not So Subtle Diss of This Song Would Be?

It sounds like an O.A.R. outtake.

But Is It a Good Song?

Yes. It’s catchy, simple and short. Although it sounds more like a rough draft than a final cut. So maybe that’s what it is and the final version will have some more to it.

Have You Ever Been Four or Five Seconds from Wildin’?

Regrettably, yes.

Can We Talk About How Weird Sir Paul Looks in That Picture?



It’s against the law.

Can We Wonder What the Three of Them Talked About During Downtime in the Studio?

Of course. Probably the benefits of a gluten-free diet.

Have You Ever Been Just Tryna to Make It Home by Monday?

Every weekend.

Would You Promise to Pay Kanye’s Bail if You Were Asked?

No. I think some time in the clink, some time for reflection and introspection would be good for him.

Would You Promise to Pay RiRi’s Bail if You Were Asked?

Yeah, obviously.

What About Sir Paul?

No. Sir Paul would charm his way out of the jail long before they got around to asking me for bail money.

You’ve Listened to This Song Seven Times Already Today. What Does That Say About the Song, You and Today?

The song is super catchy. The song is not about deflated footballs. The day is a no deflated footballs talk kind of day.

Any Final Thoughts on “FourFiveSeconds?”

My kindness is also taken for weakness.











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