Seven Thoughts On This New Phish Track

BonnarooPhish and I really don’t see much of each other these days. We’re essentially college friends who have drifted apart since graduation. There’s no hard feelings. It’s just life. People go in different directions. We see each other at weddings. It’s delightful.

I hadn’t really thought much about the band formerly known as My Favorite Band (circa 1998-2002) in awhile, really not at all to be honest since almost a year ago, when I learned that Phish had just turned thirty. Good for them. So few bands make it that far and are able to stay relevant. Phish might not be relevant to me anymore, but they still sell out sheds across America every summer- so they’re still relevant to someone. So again, good for them.

On Wednesday Phish announced they’d be releasing a new album, Fuego, this summer and with the announcement came a song off the new album, “Waiting All Night.” There was also a press release- drummer Jon Fishman talking about a revamped recording process, passing “the musical ball” and recording in Nashville in addition to their normal stomping grounds up in the wilds of Vermont. Slate called the song an “ideal introduction to their sound” if you’re not familiar with the band.

I 100% agree.

Listening to the song, which I’ve done about five times in a row now, I have a few thoughts…

My first thought:

This song is incredibly peaceful- like sitting by a fire pit on a warm summer night peaceful. I love how easy the groove is, how it just rolls along without any starts, stops or tempo changes. It’s a confident groove that could really only be done by a confident band. I think it goes without saying that Phish is a confident band.

My second thought:

I’d have to hear a second song before making any financial decisions regarding the band, i.e. buying Fuego, seeing the band live.

My third thought:

I really dig the vocal melodies and harmonies. That’s something Phish has always done well. Their voices blend so well together.

My fourth thought:

I wonder how diehard Phish fans feel about this song.

My fifth thought:

Should I ask a diehard Phish fan how they feel about this song?

My sixth thought:

I’m just going to assume that they’re cool with it. It’s not any kind of radical departure for the band and it’s a really good song. If it were something else- like acid jazz mixed with black metal, I could see a diehard Phish head feeling kind of salty about it. But that’s not the case so I’m guessing the majority of fans are cool with it. Although I bet there’s a small contingent of loyalists who wish Phish wouldn’t even bother with studio albums and just dedicate their time to playing live. That would be an asinine corner to be in.

My seventh and final thought:

I really like this song and will probably be humming it for the rest of the day.



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