Game of Thrones’ Plot Line Power Rankings: Week One

gotA new season of Game of Thrones, a new season of Giddy Up America’s Game of Thrones Plot Line Power Rankings. To see the final power rankings for season three, click here. As for this season, you can check out predictions for the season as well as a quick refresher on season three. Giddy Up America is nothing if not full service.

All right, season four power rankings. Let’s do it to it.

Giddy Up America’s Game of Thrones Plot Line Power Rankings: Week One

On the Road with Arya & the Hound

This duo, so effin’ unlikely of a duo, emerged last season as one of the show’s best pairings to date, leaving other notable duos- Sam & Jon, Jamie & Brienne, Tyrion & Bronn, Sansa & torture, Robb & his models, in their dust. The Arya and the Hound combo┬áis interesting for a couple reasons. Obviously the main one being one wanted to kill the other. Theirs is a relationship governed by dependence and reliance on one another. The Hound needs Arya because as he said last night, she’s really his only sense of income these days and Arya needs the Hound because if not, she’d be dead by now for biting off more than she can chew and not having the Hound to back her up. Us little guys always need a big dude around if we’re going to talk shit. I learned that in elementary school, Arya learned it last season. And this age old lesson was reinforced last night in the episode’s closing scene, one of the most bad ass, best scenes the show has done to date. So intense, so clutch, so…awesome. I never want these two to separate. Ever. At this point I’d be cool with rumors of a spin off featuring Arya and the Hound. A buddy cop show is the obvious one. But what if they were both chefs or maybe nurses working the over night shift? Or they could be cab drivers or travel agents or the front desk staff at a small hotel in a quiet beach community. So many possibilities and I’d be cool with all of them.

Keeping Up with the Lannisters: Tywin is the one who knocks

Tywin’s rise to power on Game of Thrones has been kind of a slow burn or at least feels that way because homeboy is some patient and methodical. There is no doubt he is in charge now. Or I guess there’s a little doubt, only because Joffrey is a psychopath. Tywin has the slight advantage though, because he seems to be the only person Joffrey is afraid of, or the very least, intimated by. Every scene Tywin is in is a winner. He’s such a crazy presence- menacing but in the exact opposite way Joffrey is.

Bold Prediction no. 1: Tywin gets killed by Oberyn Martell.

Keeping Up with the Lannisters: Hard Luck Jamie

The change in Jamie has been really interesting to watch and with his new perspective on life, it’s even more interesting to watch now that he’s back in King’s Landing. And what? He’s 40? Doesn’t look a day over 37. It’s early but I’m labeling Jamie the Official Giddy Up America Wild Card of Season Four. I’m also lumping in Cersei with this plot right now. But of course that could change.

Bold Prediction no. 2: Jamie doesn’t stop Oberyn from killing Tywin

At Least Jon Snow Knows Something Now

This plot line is interesting based mostly on potential right now. At some point shit has to go down at the wall, what with Wildlings closing in on both sides and the White Walkers coming in hot- kind of. Actually, coming in luke warm. An army of dead people only moves so fast. Regardless, this plot line is The One to Keep an Eye on right now. And sidenote- not being a cannibal makes me a little foggy on the subject, but a dude’s arm seems the least edible part of a human body. But that’s just me.

Bold Prediction no. 3: Jon kills Ygritte. Then cries.

Keeping Up with the Lannisters: Three’s Company

Tyrion is definitely stressed these days but should take comfort in that his stress isn’t causing him to lose any hair. A lesser man would have fallen victim to male pattern baldness by now. And I just want to point out the in my predictions post, I said Shae would be the first major character killed. After last night and one of Cersei’s spies over hearing Shae and Tyrion fighting, I’d say her days are numbered. Holla back girl. I’ll miss you. Sansa will miss her too. Let’s be honest, the last thing Sansa needs right now is for one more person close to her being killed. The fact that Sansa isn’t a ragging alcoholic now definitely says something about her character. That fact that she totally could be soon says something about her current lot in life.

It’s Always Sunny in King’s Landing

Well let’s see, there’s this Prince Oberyn Martell fella coming to town for Joffrey’s wedding- fully prepared to shag some dudes, watch his female companion shag some ladies and ultimately, kill himself some Lannisters. There’s already no doubt that Oberyn is a front runner for Rookie of the Year. He’s mesmerizing. And he’s also related to Daenerys, which could be classified as Mildly Interesting At This Point. Also mildly interesting, Joffrey’s bride to be, Margaery and her equally mesmerizing cleavage and super amusing grandmother. Mags is also a huge wild card in my opinion, but also a possible casualty by the time this season is over. Because you know, Joffrey is a psychopath. That should always be taken into account.

How the East Was Won & Dragons Were Tamed

Straight talk Daenerys- I love you. Listen, we all love you. But I’m going to be honest, you need to step it up, pick up the pace and join the party. The longer she stays out there in the wild, coddling dragons, freeing slaves and keeping Ser Jorah at bay, the shorter my patience runs with her plot line. If she’s not at least within eye sight of Westeros by the mid point of this season, we have a problem.

On Stand By…

Bran’s vision quest
Stannis, the Red Queen and Irrational Confidence
That stuff that happened with Theon last season that no one…NO ONE…wants to talk about
Roose Bolton, new Warden of the North and Super Sneaky Dick head

See you next week.

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  1. Wow. Cool blog. I love GoT and Power Rankings, so these are awesome. I’d definitely agree with Arya and the Hound at the top spot. I’d probably put Oberyn next and then Jaime in third for this week.

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