Mad Men Recap: Speed Kills…and Confuses

mad-men-season-6-episode-8What to make of this week’s Mad Men

For starters, kids, don’t do speed. All it’ll do is make your thoughts rushed, blurry and chaotic and worst of all, make you think they’re brilliant. Just ask Don.

Actually, don’t ask Don.

Don is a dick.

There I said it and I now firmly believe it. It’s not a theory like my Game of Thrones/White Walker theory. Don being a dick is a fact. It’s also literally a fact, but that’s semantics. He’s not a good friend. He’s not a good person. He’s not a good husband, co-worker, co-conspirator in a love tryst or boss. He’s certainly not a good friend.

He’s definitely no Stan Rizzo.

You’re welcome.

Speaking of Stan…

The Stan Rizzo Fan Club is still accepting members.

Why? Only because he’s awesome.

I can’t believe you’d even have to ask. Stan would so disappointed. As would I.

There is no Don Draper Fan Club, but there is definitely a Roger Sterling Fan Club, a Ginsburg Fan Club and of course, a Peggy Olsen Fan Club.

You too are welcome, Ms. Olsen.

Kim: Do you think that in the end, Don and Peggy will get together?
Me: No.
Kim: No?
Me: No. I don’t want them too. She’s too good for him.

Don Draper deserves a life of emptiness and loneliness. Unless he can turn some corner and turn it for good, which I sincerely doubt and we’ve seen absolutely zero chance of this being able to happen. His kids have become a reminder of the drifting and isolationist way he has lived his life. His actions have repercussions now. His past is catching up to him. That crazy woman wasn’t able to rob his apartment because he left the back door open. That crazy woman was able to rob his apartment because her daughter knew next to nothing about him- him being her father. So when that crazy woman spoke in generalities, it worked. Even she must have been surprised.

And poor Megan. She doesn’t have a clue. Don didn’t faint because of worry for the safety of his kids and he’s not up all night for that same reason. But saying nothing leaves others to interpret your actions, which Megan does far too often and in a way that convinces her and let’s Don off the hook.

It bears repeating- Don is a dick.

“The Crash” ended and I wondered aloud, what the hell did I just watch. I’m not alone in thinking this, but it’s still something I’ve thought frequently throughout this season. I know I watch Mad Men because it’s a great show. But I’m not sure why I enjoy Mad Men. That pesky Mad Men question remains. I don’t see it being answered this season. I have no idea where this season is headed. Luckily it’s not frustrating.

It’s just confusing.

So, what to make of this week’s Mad Men?

No clue.

This week’s episode was important, though, if Mad Men is ultimately about Don Draper, the man, and nothing else. Because this week provided further insight into what has created Draper, for better or worse. It also hinted that Don will never be happy. Never. Mergers, marriages, affairs- none of it will do. Don Draper is the Dwight Howard of 1960’s America- constantly unhappy with his current situation, constantly pining for a new one- regardless of the damage attaining that new situation creates.

Is that what Mad Men is ultimately about- Don Draper?

I’m not so sure. Despite being six season in, it’s still too early to tell.

For all we now, it could all be about Ginsburg.

Yes. Yes it would be.

Gifs by:
Stan, Ginsburg: Flushwithcash

Peggy: Selfish & Shrewd
Stan as William Tell: GoddessPharo

Photos: AMC




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