Mad Men Recap: Flying High

Peggy-MM-ep7-729-620x349This week’s episode of Mad Men, “A Man With a Plan,” conjured up a variety of emotions. It’s best to look at them one at a time (and to accompany them with Gifs.)

Uneasiness as Don eavesdropped on the Rosens from the elevator.

Quinn Fabray, Glee, bewildered

Concern/Confusion as to where Dawn, Don’s secretary, was. She was noticeably absent at least twice by my count. Hell even Don noticed she wasn’t there.

John Stewart surprised

Amusement with the conference room scene, as Pete was distraught about not having a seat, something that, like his sideburns, is very important to him.

Wednesday Addams dancing

Disgust with Don’s actions- whether it was his sexual role playing with Sylvia, his climbing into bed with Megan after said sexual role playing or his interaction (or lack there of) with Megan at the end of the episode.

Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, disgusted

Joy when Roger fired Burt Peterson…again.

Conan O’Brien excited with hands on face

Contempt of Don because he’s really a disgusting human being with no redeeming qualities.

Target Lady, Kristen Wiig, gets an unpleasant surprise

Surprise that maybe, just maybe Bob Benson is…wait for it…actually a nice guy.

Dramatic eagle

Affection for Ted Chaough. I’m really becoming a big fan of Ted’s. He’s no Stan Rizzo (who is.) But he’s growing on me. I’m interested to see how the dynamic and relationship between him and Don is going to play out and develop.

Rihanna sends you a kiss

Satisfaction with this episode. It was based almost exclusively in the office, which is when I feel the show is at it’s best.

Liz Lemon, 30 Rock, self high five

Happiness that Mad Men exists. This week’s episode was just one of those episodes that a show like Mad Men is around.

Emma Watson happy dance

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Photos: AMC

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