10 Things Unrelated to Building Rocking Chairs

A brief rundown of 10 things I’ve learned or have affirmed in the past couple weeks- listed in no particular order.

Goucher Athenaeum

1. Your college will have changed as much as you have in 10 years.

     It’s true. While Wife and I were down in Baltimore a few weeks 
     ago, I showed here good ol’ Goucher, where she was amazed that       
     the school was “actually that small.” I was amazed too…at how 
     much it had changed. The loop road is different, there’s a Death 
     Star-looking building staring at you and parking lots in the woods. 

2. Just because the windows in your new office open (and the windows in your office at your previous jobs don’t) doesn’t mean you should leave them open all the time.

3. Some people just aren’t going to like Newsroom and you have to respect that.
    Kim gave it an episode and a half before we pulled the plug. Much like pumpkin ice cream, it’s not for   

4. You need to learn control your sports anger.
     In related news, maturity is not an overnight occurrence.

5. It can only get better for the Red Sox.
    Right? It has too. Although to be fair, not losing 90 games in a season since 1966 is pretty impressive.

6. You’ll be taken back by your new driver’s license for about two weeks after getting it.
I don’t look at mine a lot, but I definitely do a double take when I do and it says I live in New Jersey.

7. Yup, only one episode in and yes, Homeland is as good as everyone says it is.
This totally almost happen last night after we watched the first episode…

8. I do love a good Jets’ loss.

9. You really shouldn’t own a house if you don’t own a drill.
     A smart Realtor would work out something with DeWalt…first time home buyers get a free drill.

10. Squirrels are incredibly loud & messy eaters.
       They would be terrible to go to a movie with.

Bonus. Tom Brady takes his touchdowns seriously.

I think he’s saying “Elephant Shoes Itches”


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