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About That One Cinco De Mayo In Baltimore All Those Years Ago

Cinco de Mayo will always be special to me and will always remind me of one wild night in Baltimore


10 Things Unrelated to Building Rocking Chairs

A brief rundown of 10 things I've learned or have affirmed in the past couple weeks- listed in no particular order. Goucher Athenaeum 1. Your college will have changed as much as you have in 10 years.      It's true. While Wife and I were down in Baltimore a few weeks       ago, ...

33 Things I Know

Tomorrow I turn 33. At this point in my life I don’t know everything there is to know- I only know some things. Things you know are absolute- they are facts as far as you are concerned. They are bases of discussion, conversation starters, conversation enders, and possibly points of contention. But ultimately they are ...

A Table for Two: the story of me and my drums.

The story of my drums would start with the burning of my old drums. My old drums were an old set of Slingerland drums and I had gotten them around high school graduation. They replaced my first set- a well worn Maxx drum set I had bought for $400 at Portland Percussion one winter early ...