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Best of 2019: Which Character From ‘Parks and Recreation’ Would Make The Best Drinking Buddy?

If you had to spend just one night in Pawnee, Indiana, who are you hanging out with?

Drinking Buddies: Parks and Recreation

Which character on Parks and Recreation would be the best one to go out and do some drinkin’ with?

Better Call a Spin-Off

With Better Call Saul working so well, what kind of spin-offs could come from other Pantheon TV shows?

Looking the Other Way

In the midst of a rough Fantasy Football week, here's ten other things to think about

Let Both the Head and the Heart Decide

Running through some of the 2013 Emmy Nominations- making predictions based on both the head and the heart and also making some suggestions

Office Watch: It’s Not Just the Elevator That’s Broken

Another new episode of The Office, another example of loyalty being tested

Office Watch: Banking on Positive Thinking

Trying to focus on the positives as The Office creeps closer to the end with another mediocre episode

Office Watch: How Could You Be So Heartless?

Office Watch continues. Why this week's Parks and Recreation made the final season of the Office even harder to watch.

How I Would Spend $500 Million…

I didn't win the lottery. I don’t even have to check- I didn't even buy a ticket. It’s not my style. How much was the pot…like 500 million…dollars?   Apparently my style is to not take chances to win a shitload of money. That’s fine. I’ll make my money the old fashion way thank you very much.   But ...