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Seven Thoughts On This New Phish Track

Phish released a new song this week, "Waiting All Night" off of their upcoming album, Fuego. While listening to it over and over again for twenty minutes, I had some thoughts about it.

For Mature Audiences Only

A stream of conscience review of the Roots' new album, ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin

They Made Their Mark

A stream of conscience review of the new Black Keys' album, Turn Blue.

The Hold Steady vs De La Soul

The third installment of Soundtracks for Situations: the Hold Steady's "Teeth Dreams" vs. De La Soul's "Smell the Da.I.S.Y." mix tape. Which album works for more situations?

Feeling the Fever

Five listens and a fully formed opinion on "Fever," the new Black Keys' song

Investigative Journalism: John the Conqueror

Findings from exhaustive research about the Philly blues, rock trio John the Conqueror

Pharrell to the Rescue

Pharrell's new album, GIRL, is the most enjoyable album to come out in years. It's so enjoyable, that it can even make the most loathsome activities fun.

Investigate Journalism: The Sheepdogs

Tried to learn more about the Sheepdogs, a band from Canada. Besides learning they were from Canada, here's what I else I learned.

The Show Must Go On

A review of the new album by Rustic Overtones, Let's Start a Cult Part Two