Tag: new music

The My Morning Rankings

With a new album coming out, it seemed like a good time to rank My Morning Jacket's albums to see which one is the best

Still Always Alright

A running diary of the new Alabama Shakes album, Sound & Color

The London Souls: Got the Swagger Back

NYC's London Souls shake off a near fatal blow and return with a blistering second album, Hear Come the Girls

Make Way for Mr. Wonderful

Getting to the bottom of my fascination with Action Bronson

Investigative Journalism: BadBadNotGood

Learning more about the Canadian jazz, hip hop trio BadBadNotGood

When Is Good Not Good Enough?

A review of Mark Ronson's new album, Uptown Special

The 30 Best Hey Oh! Songs of 2014

This is not merely a “Best of” list or a “Most Played” list. This is a list of the top 30 songs from 2014 that elicited a big ol’ Hey Oh! when I heard them

Wait, Who’s This Dude?

It's soul singer Karl W. Davis and his band, the Sweetpeas.

The Return of Doom Funk

Going back with TV on the Radio and looking ahead with their new album, Seeds