Category: The Wildest Wild Card

Can Anyone Beat Bill Murray?

Prince, Twitter, Dennis Rodman? Can any of them stop Bill Murray from coming out of the Kitten Mittens Bracket?

The Wildest Wild Card: Wrapping Up Round One

The first round match ups in both the Milk Steak and Denim Chicken brackets- featuring Rihanna, 3 Day Weekends, the Phillie Phanatic, Leonardo DiCaprio, Legalized Marijuana, cats and more

The Wildest Wild Card Tournament: Day Two

It's round one of the Dayman bracket featuring Whiskey, Florida, Pools, Manny Ramirez and more

The Wildest Wild Card Tournament: Day One

The tournament kicks off with the first round of the Kitten Mittens bracket featuring top-seeded Bill Murray versus Burritos, Prince versus Traffic Circles and more.

The Wildest Wild Card Tournament

Introducing a tournament to figure out just who or what is the wildest wild card out there